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5 game ideas for family fun at the beach

Spending a quiet day at the beach doing nothing is an ideal day for many. Because when reading, sunbathing and looking at the beautiful landscape are the only things on the menu, we enjoy it! For the little ones, the beach is also the perfect place for a wonderful day... but more because you can do a lot of activities, not just relax! Hopalo presents you several ideas of games to propose to your children, so that you can all enjoy the nice weather in your own way!


  1. The water bucket challenge

What you will need : one bucket of water per child

How it works : Draw a circuit to follow in the sand, then each child fills his bucket with water and must follow the circuit, spilling as little water as possible. Whoever has the most water at the end wins!


  1. Ready ? Aim... Launch!

What you will need : rocks, small balls or shells

How it works : dig a hole in the sand and make a line in the sand about 1 meter away. Then, try to throw the objects you chose into the hole, without going over the line!


  1. Sand costume

What you'll need : sand and decorations such as shells, seaweed and rocks

How it works : Start by digging a long hole for your child to lie in. Then bury him in it and carve the shape of your choice for his body in the sand, like a mermaid or a fish. Decorate it with your beach finds and you're done! Don't forget the pictures!


  1. Make me a drawing

What you'll need : a flat sand surface

How it works : someone draws a picture in the sand, and the others have to guess as fast as possible what it is. Beware, laughter guaranteed!


  1. Musical towel

What you'll need : beach towels

How it works : Here, we revisit the classic game of musical chairs in a beach version. One towel is placed on the floor for the number of players, minus one. When the music is playing, all the players dance and run around the towels, and when the music stops, the players lie down on a towel as quickly as possible. The player who could not get on a towel is eliminated and the game continues until only one player remains.


Here are plenty of ideas for games that will delight both young and old. Enjoy your time at the beach, playing in the sand or swimming with your Hopalo Swimsuits! Have a great summer!

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