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During a day at the beach with her two children, the founder Marie-Josée Lambert noticed how restrictive children’s swimming suits can be. When the time comes to go to the toilet, the one-piece swimsuit brings its share of discomfort, whether in public places, in water parks, during outdoor sports or at home. We only have to think of the child who is stuck in his wet bathing suit during pressing urges, the bathing suits that falls on the dirty ground, the disdain we have in public places, the child who is learning to be clean...

Following these reflections, Hopalo was founded in January 2014. Hopalo’s mission is to make it comfortable, practical, simple and fun to go to the toilet during activities in a bathing suit and thus improve the hygienic aspect.

Our vision is to offer our customers the best product adapted to their needs. Our bathing suits are first designed for children from 6 months to 12 years old.


Developed in 2012, Hopalo bathing suits are cute, subtle and ingenious. These detachable swimwear are equipped with a system that retains the fabric to increase comfort during bathroom visits. A fun concept for children, which by its playful side, promotes autonomy and develops the dexterity of younger chlidren, while being practical for the older ones. Thanks to this innovative concept, parents and children can return enjoy the pleasures of water more quickly!

Today, Hopalo is an indispensable to have in your child’s wardrobe! The Hopalo solution will change your vision of the one-piece swimsuit and become your accomplice for swimming. In water and outdoors, you will find multiple benefits! Hopalo bathing suits are equipped with UV 50+ protection to enjoy the beautiful weather without having to be wary of the dangers of the sun. All Hopalo models are available online and in several shops across the province of Quebec to the delight of parents and children who want to simplify their lives!


Our values are to listen to our customers, to offer quality, comfortable, safe and practical products, to adapt and to innovate. Hopalo has a unique principle that will charm you and bring you pleasure in simplicity!

Wherever you are in the world, go, hop! In the water!