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5 games to try with your family this summer in your backyard

We can say that summer is really upon us with the heat of the past few weeks. On social media, we've seen all kinds of ideas for trying to cool down during the heat wave (have you seen the t-shirt-in-the-freezer idea?) With kids, it's not always easy to figure out how to have summer fun, in your backyard, with what you have. So Hopalo presents five ideas to try during the hot season, without making it too complicated. Get ready for a swim!

  1. La cuisine d’été

This idea is great because you definitely have everything you need to make it on hand, and it makes for a refreshing change. To make a summer kitchen for your child, just get out the biggest bowl or pots you have, fill it with water and add lots of kitchen tools in it (no knives!!) Kids love to pour water from dish to dish and stir it with big spoons or spatulas. They can also pour water on their heads from time to time if they are in swimsuits :)

  1. Une cabane

 We've all made a sheet fort in the house, where we could go and hide to watch a movie, eat candy and tell each other all kinds of stories. Why not do the same thing in an outdoor version? Get out your old towels and camping chairs, and create a tent with your kids, where they can go and hide. Beware, parents are not allowed inside, be warned!

  1. The pool turned into a bed

If you have a small plastic wading pool, it doesn't just serve as a pool during the day! You can also turn it into a cozy spot to watch the stars at night. Line the bottom with pillows and blankets, and go lie down with your kids to admire the sky and its splendor.

  1. The orchestra

As long as you've got the pots out for summer cooking, take the time to create your own family drum band! Once everyone has two spoons and a pot or bowl in their hands, bang on your improvised instruments to create your concert. Be careful with your ears, but you'll have fun and laughter! A little tip: put a rag inside the bowls or cauldrons to muffle the sound...

  1. The bottle wall

If you want to try this activity, you will need at least 3 empty plastic bottles from 750 milliliters up to 2 liters, a fence or an outside wall and scissors. Cut a hole the size of a dot on the side of all the bottles, then open the plugs. Hang one on top of the other on the wall with resistant ducktape, aligning the ends of the bottles with the hole of the one below. Place them so that the water poured into the top bottle pours into the bottom bottle and so on, until a pot of water at the end. You have created a nice fall that can also be a shower.


We hope these ideas have inspired you! If you make them, don’t forget to send us photos on Facebook on the Hopalo page or on Instagram @Hopalo_maillots. Have a good summer!

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