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How to maintain Hopalo water clothing


With children playing everywhere, it's hard to keep their wetsuits in good condition! To put the odds on our side with the lifespan of these sets with fragile fabrics, here are some maintenance tips.

How to wash them?

Ideally, wash in warm water with a bathing suit soap, by hand. However, we know that with the life of a parent, you don't always have time: Hopalo products can be sent to the washing machine, with warm water and a mild soap. As for the Hopalo diaper, it is much easier to clean than regular diapers: just wash it like any other diaper, no hassle!

How to rinse them?

It is important to rinse the swimsuits before washing them. In order not to damage the fibers of the water clothes, you can let your swimsuit soak in a basin of warm water, or simply put it under the tap for a few seconds.

How to dry them?

Simply press the clothes into a ball, without wringing them. Otherwise, air dry, away from the sun to preserve the color. Caution! Drying them on the line with line pins can cause the fabric to stretch where it was tied.

 Little bonus tip

Sunscreen is very harmful to the beauty of water clothes. It stains them and ages them... but how can you minimize contact with them? It's simple: apply your children's chemical sunscreen 30 minutes before putting on their swimsuit, so it has time to penetrate the skin, which is ideal for sun protection! Physical sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide do not penetrate the skin: they remain on the surface to protect. They leave white marks on the skin, so take the time to spread them well when applying. Thus, they spread more and leave less stains on clothes and swimwear.

In short, even if they don't look dirty, it's important to regularly wash waterproof clothing to increase its life span. This way, chlorine, salt, sun cream and natural oils from the body are less damaging to the fragile fabric, which should always be handled gently! Of course, choosing quality waterwear greatly increases its longevity, so we recommend Hopalo Swimsuits!

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