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The importance of drinking water

With the nice weather that has arrived and the sun that illuminates our days, we can hear more and more about the importance of drinking water. It's well known; it's recommended to drink between 1 and 2 Liters a day to be healthy and have maximum energy. But what exactly does water do? Why is it so important for our health to consume so much water? Here are 5 benefits that highlight the importance of drinking water.

It hydrates

First, of course, water hydrates us. Indeed, our body being composed of 70% of water, we must make sure to drink enough during the day to maintain this balance. This is also why it is even more important to drink a lot of water, especially in hot weather. When it's hot, we tend to dehydrate more quickly, which can lead to headaches and heat stroke, among other things. So, by drinking enough water, not only do we ensure that we maintain our energy, but we can also say goodbye to these kinds of little glitches! 

It reduces stress

Have you ever been told to drink water when you were stressed? Well, it's not for nothing and it's far from a myth! When we're feeling stressed for a short period of time, we can turn to water. Hydration is good for the body and the psyche. It allows us to re-anchor and refocus on our inner self. Also, in order to reinforce its anti-stress effect, choose a water with a lot of magnesium.

It increases the concentration

Several studies have shown that as soon as our body is slightly dehydrated, it harms brain processes and affects our concentration. Since the brain is composed of 83% water, this dehydration, no matter how small, can lead to a decrease in cognitive performance and motor functions.  

So make sure you always have a water bottle on hand and always slip one in your kids' backpacks!

It gives a good look

Drinking water not only helps our insides but also our outsides! Indeed, it allows us to have a fresh and luminous complexion, that even the best of creams can never give us. In order to glow, our skin needs water to produce new cells and thus brighten and give us a younger look.

In the same way, water also plays a key role in the condition of our hair, since to be healthy, hair must grow on a healthy and well-hydrated scalp. The scalp is strengthened by water, which also helps to absorb vitamins. So, by moisturizing sufficiently, we offer our hair incomparable shine, strength and growth!

It makes us feel better

Finally, water simply improves our mood! According to research, it would be enough to be 1 or 2% below the optimal level of hydration for our state of mind to be affected. At this level, the risk of fatigue, gloom and bad mood increases. Conversely, when our hydration level is optimal, the effects are felt instantly. We are more awake, have more energy and are in a much better mood!

Our tips for drinking more water...

Despite all these benefits on the importance of drinking water, we know that it can be difficult for some people to consume so much water per day... So, if you have trouble drinking your 1-2 liters of water per day, you can use a water bottle that has the quantity measurements written on it. This way, you know throughout the day how much water you have drunk and how much you have left to drink, which can be very motivating!

In addition, to help you stay more hydrated, you can also opt for sparkling water, which has the same properties as regular water.

Finally, to help you, we suggest adding flavor. This can be very beneficial, especially for children who would rather drink something that tastes better, like fruit juice. So you can add different berries to their water bottle. For a tangy, summery taste, you can put in lemon. Some people even add cucumber or mint leaves for a fresher taste. In short, the combinations are infinite, so let your desires go!

In the end, no matter how you do it, the important thing is to drink enough water. After all, water represents vitality, body cleansing, health and energy. The more balanced and connected we are to our source, the more authentic and resourced life is!

So go ahead! Into the water! Have a good hydration ;)



- Camille Benaim, Administrative assistant



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