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Sun protection: physical, mineral, chemical sunscreen or UV50+ clothing?

When you're a parent of young children, babies or even teenagers, it's sometimes hard to avoid sunburn. Even adults get sunburned more often than they would like to admit! We always hear the same speeches, to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exposure to the sun, to apply it every two hours, to choose one that leaves white marks... but what is it really?

 Chemical screens

Chemical elements such as oxybenzone and octocrylene absorb the sun's rays, so that they cannot damage our skin. These are the only sunscreens that can be applied as a spray, which many people appreciate.

 Mineral creams, called physical

 Mineral creams, commonly known as "physical" creams, have gained popularity in recent years, as chemical ingredients scare some people. Instead of absorbing UV rays, these creams reflect them. It is this type of cream that is known to leave a white filter on the skin.

 UV50+ Clothing

Clothing with a rating of 50 indicates the maximum level of sun protection on the market today. These garments, like all Hopalo water wear and hats, block 98% of UVA and UVB rays. To achieve this, their fibers must be synthetic, not natural, and the fabric must be tightly woven. In addition, darker or brighter colors are more effective than lighter ones. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, SPF 50 clothing should be used before SPF 50 sunscreen.

In conclusion, clothing with sun protection is the best choice, as it offers great protection and does not require reapplication of cream throughout the day. To discover Hopalo UV50+ products, it's right here :

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